Web based system to push your GIT code

Hello! Since posting recently about our Web based SVN push system , we have decided to take what we did there one step further and implement a very similar system for GIT, but with more options! The web based GIT push system is, as mentioned, very similar to the web based SVN push system, with […]

https://www.stackstar.com/web-based-system-to-push-your-git-code/ A Web based system to push your SVN code through development, staging and production environments

Note the files in this post are now on GitHub Hello there! In development, having a seamlessly integrated process where you can propagate your code through whatever QA, testing and development policy you have is invaluable and a definite time saver. We work with SVN as well as GIT code repository systems and have developed […]

https://www.stackstar.com/a-web-based-system-to-push-your-svn-code-through-development-staging-and-production-environments/ SVN Offsite Backup Script : Secure offsite backup solution for SVN to Amazon S3

Hi there! Backing up your code repository is important. Backing up your code repository to an off-site location in a secure manner is imperative. Throughout our travels and experience utilizing the SVN code repository system, we have developed a quick bash script to export the entire SVN repository, encrypt it, compress it into an archive, […]

https://www.stackstar.com/svn-offsite-backup-script-secure-offsite-backup-solution-for-svn-to-amazon-s3/ SVN Pre Commit Hook : Sanitize your Code!

Hello, Dealing with several different development environments can be tricky. With SVN specifically, it is ideal to have some “pre-flight” checks in order to make sure some basic standards have been followed. Some of the things you would want to check might be : – Does the code generate a fatal PHP error? – Is […]