Remove mail headers in Postfix outgoing mail

This post is intended for people who want to set up Postfix to remove specific headers within emails that pass through their systems. The most common use for this is to set up a relaying server that will remove any reference of where source emails originated and relevant information about the sender’s computer. Another useful […] Relay Exim mail to google mail in Debian Linux

Sometimes its necessary to relay your mail through a third party provider. If your server environment has a dedicated sendmail server (most do), then this scenario is applicable to you. It is ideal to centralize your outgoing mail to one server so that changes, policies and configuration is located in a single place. In this […] Setup Up Exim with ClamAV and Spamassassin

I decided to post this article on implementing a simple single mail server with anti-spam and anti-virus capabilities.

This guide hopefully will help you on your way to configuring a basic mail system on Linux (specifically Debian). Troubleshooting Mail : Basic Tips

The purpose of this document is to describe how mail gets from one users email client to another users mailbox. Each action that takes place can be tested and verified by an some level of admin with a few exceptions. After going through this document you should understand what takes place when a user sends email or has email sent to them.