Use AWS CLI to automate the removal and addition of instances in your ELB

Hello! Sometimes its necessary to automate the removal and addition of instances in your elastic load balancer. Perhaps for the purposes of auto scaling or deploying updates to your web application. Either way, there is many tools at the disposal of the systems administrator to automate this process. Below we will share some simple steps […] Automated Amazon EBS snapshot backup script with 7 day retention

Hello there! We have recently been implementing several different backup strategies for properties that reside on the Amazon cloud platform. These strategies include scripts that incorporate s3sync and s3fs for offsite or redundant “limitless” backup storage capabilities. One of the more recent strategies we have implemented for several clients is an automated Amazon EBS volume […] Massive Amazon Route53 API Bind Zone Import Script

Hello there, Occasionally some of our managed services work has us dealing directly with other cloud providers such as Amazon. One of our clients set a requirement to migrate over 5,000 domain’s to Amazon’s Route53 DNS service. There was little doubt that this could be automated, but since we have never done this massive of […]