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Automatically Deploy Debian Firewalls with bash scripting.

Automation is as necessary as any other aspect of systems administration in any critical or production environment where growth and scalability are moving at a significant pace.

Growth in any organization is obviously a good thing. In the systems administrator’s perspective, however, growth can mean more time spent deploying systems and less time spent focusing on other duties.

Automating the server deployment process is the natural next step when your organization has grown to a point where time efficiency becomes more relevant and noticeable to your business owners.

This is the first in a series of posts here where we will explain and share shell scripts that automate the deployment process of several key debian linux based systems. These scripts automate the patching, configuration and implementation of said systems.

They will certainly have to be modified to fit your organization’s needs and standards obviously, but hopefully it will give you a starting point to base your automation / roll-out policies.

Making your life easier and more automated is always a good thing! 😉